Cheap Quality Brands

Samsung, LG, Sony are just some of the known brands for TV. But what about those brands that offer much enticing price tags? Can they deliver as well? My answer is yes. Here are those brands that I recommend.



What was once a shrugged off brand is now endorsed by local stars. We bought a 32” LED TV a long time ago and we’re still using it. We’re satisfied with it.



I haven’t personally tried it yet but many have bought it and so far, there are no complains about it.



Qube is a popular cheap brand that has been availed by many. It had a price hike recently (maybe because it’s becoming famous) but I think the quality is still a-okay.



It has a price range similar to Coby and Xenon (if not, lower) and again, there are not much complains about it, too.


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