Popular Chat Apps

Sociable people will surely use and abuse social apps. Here are some perfect for communicating with friends or family. But you might already have these installed on your device knowing that you really are the sociable type.


Facebook Messenger

There can be delays or no notifications at all from the Facebook app when it comes to messages or chat. Installing this is great as it is quicker.



Skype is a very popular way to chat since it’s fast and very reliable when it comes to calls or videos. It’s perfect for Android since there’s no Facetime on Android.


Kakao Talk

KakaoTalk is a marketed social app yet free to use. It promotes its sticker emoticons to have a more fun chat with contacts.

kakao talk


This is popularized thanks to the free calls one can get by just connecting to the Internet. Loved ones abroad can be called now without having to spend a fortune on your mobile/landline subscription.



Voxer has type-chatting but it also has voice recording messaging. Have fun hearing your recorded voice! It also allows playbacks of sent recordings. It’s better to hear the voice of your friend or loved one, too, than just type-chat.



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