I’m not really a fan of story books (and what I mean by “story books” would be the novel genre like Twilight, Harry Potter and The Other Books, Missing Series of Meg Cabot, and John Irving’s A Widow For One Year. For one reason, it does not interest me as much as non-fictional knowing that I can follow a good story on TV and cinema (or torrent), fully-imaged and excellently illustrated complete with sound and visual effects).

Since I’ve got a couple of 3 to 4 purchased books from Booksale since last year, I guess I can purchase one or 2 more. Maybe bookworm-ing over novels after dipping for quite a very few times in 6 years is a good idea, just to get my imagination up and running not only for reality-idealization but also for the opposite.

Does anybody recommend a good novel?


Boredom has a Fact

Really? That’s my reaction but yes, there is a fact about boredom and I don’t know if this will bore you more or lighten up your heavy monotonous zone.

BOREDOM FACT: The first recorded use of the word “boredom” was only 160 years ago.

See, this is not even near “interesting”. Boredom’s fact just encouraged my sense to more boredom. How awesome is that right. Boring! I think it’s better to watch Forrest Gump at this moment of dullness. It’s totally much entertaining than this subject.