Going Away For Long

Oh my goodness. The coming month will be very sad for me, my sister’s going on a mission trip for a month in Cambodia with a team of missionaries. She’ll be doing stuff that she loves over there while we will all miss her here in the Philippines. Anyway, she has not yet packed her things despite that her flight is scheduled 4 days from now. She doesn’t have a luggage bag yet since this is her first try to go somewhere for a really long time. I checked back at lazada’s FB page and saw that they have awesome discounts of bags. Great deals, indeed.

Anyway, I’ll really miss my sister. Cambodia’s still in Asia and there’s the Internet but the thing is she wouldn’t be online so often since she will be most probably going to be so busy for a month. She said they’ll be touring and helping out at churches and well, more of going on remote places and conferences with some Cambodian ministers. That would be awesome, I just hope we won’t miss her too much.


The twilight of Twilight: Vampires and Werewolves in the Bible

While scourging through webpages after webpages finding something to amuse and take away my body, soul and spirit from boredom zone, I found this very interesting blog entry from soulblindministry.com. It never crossed my lazy mind that vampires and werewolves possibly were based in Biblical metaphor. Below is an excerpt from the entry.

BusinessWeek claims that Stephenie Meyer’s latest movie installment of her romantic story, about a sunlight challenged boy, and his shirtless dog-frienemy, whom fight to be the first to (wedding) ring a Bell(a), has reached an all time high in box office sales! With a whopping grand total of $138.1 million dollars in its opening weekend, alone! That makes it the 5th best opening weekend on record!!! With that much scratch lying around, maybe they can now afford to buy a lot of shirts for the Oregon based wolf pack, since they seem to go through them like falling leaves in autumn!

I didn’t put the whole article here since it’d be best if you can read the whole post on the site. Anyway, as I’ve read the entry, it’s awesome that someone thought about the whole thing where werewolves and vampires can reflect humanity and our great need of something unachievable by our efforts alone.

Now I realize it’s a good practice at times to think of unusual things because there comes discoveries.