Lazada Philippines made my daughter’s birthday memorable- A Review

18th birthday Last Christmas I hit up LazadaPH to look around for tablets and nope I am not talking about those hard tiny things that you pop into your mouth when you are feeling under the weather. What I am getting at is the tablet PC. I was just astounded when I was looking around online checking out reviews and trying to learn more about tablets that this seemingly nascent computing technology harks back to as early as the year 1888 when the first patent for an electronic tablet device used for handwriting was granted. It was just very interesting to know that this technology existed during the same decade that Karl Benz was working on the first car.

It is more interesting that it took such a long time for the tablet to get into mass production. If you are into science fiction movies, you would have probably noticed that the tablet is a staple tech props in the sets for these movies. These fictional tablets were named with the word “Tab” included on the description, take for example a couple of science fiction films where the early versions of the tablet showed up: Arthur C. Clarke’s “The Sentinel” which was adapted by Stanley Kubrick into the 1968 science fiction opus 2001: A space Odyssey where the tablet was called the NewsPad. Another one is the 1951 novel Foundation by Isaac Asimov where it was called the Calculator Pad. These guys were pretty visionary if you are going to think about it. Anyway, I am not going to go through this snooze inducing lecture anymore. What I wanted to drop in today is how Lazada Ph turned my daughters 18th birthday into an absolutely memorable one. My not-so-little princess anymore has been cajoling me all year round to get her a tablet. I have been stalling and delaying it because I don’t want to get it for her on an ordinary day. I was intending for it to be a surprise for her 18th birthday. I work for a hotel chain in Davao and my family is in Manila. I planned a five-day vacation for them during the Christmas holidays and also in time for my daughter’s birthday on the 23rd. Since there was no way for me to go shopping for my daughters tablet I decided to order it online through Lazada Philippines, I ordered it ahead of time to make it sure that it will get to the hotel during my family’s five-day stay to get on that element of surprise thing for my little girl. I placed the order as early as the 13th of December to give Lazada ample time for delivery since timeframes for out of Metro Manila orders take around 5-10 business days.

To make it more exciting, I even had the attention to name on the packaging put under my daughter’s name and I connived with one of my hotel staff to hand it over to my girl personally once it arrives. What I appreciated was the timing of its arrival, it arrived on, guess what, the actual day of her birthday which I was not really expecting. Thanks to Lazada, my daughter got her Apple iPad mini on her very special day.





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