Lazada Philippines Review: All About Cash on Delivery

CODWhat’s Cash On Delivery? You might be more familiar with C.O.D. but either way, it’s exactly the same thing. It’s called acronym. You’ve probably seen it on the online shopping sites you visit.

Cash On Delivery is possibly the most convenient payment option offered by numerous online shopping websites. It isn’t limited to delivering to Luzon only like normal online selling sites that have very little flexibility when it comes to getting products shipped to provinces. Well, it generally depends on the website. But normally, only websites that deliver nationwide offer Cash On Delivery to customers.

For example, there’s Lazada Philippines. For those unfamiliar with the said online shopping website, it’s basically an online shopping mall. It has a variety of options that cover the basics from what infants need to what adults use. The Golden Globe Annual Awards awarded it as the Best Online Shopping Mall for 2013. It was also one of the most talked about consumer brands on Facebook. The prestigious award it received this year makes it a great example for good payment options such as C.O.D

C.O.D. is very simple. It’s a payment method that only claims the payment upon the delivery of the package. It means, you simply just check out with your delivery address and other necessary personal information. The actual payment takes place in front of your doorstep hence the name Cash on Delivery. Since Lazada Philippines coordinates exclusively with LBC and 2GO when it comes to deliveries, the locations the company can make C.O.D. available is limitless.

It’s very convenient especially to students or buyers from the younger generation. Since most terms for payment require credit cards, it can be very difficult for teenagers to buy what they like from the Internet. And considering that they make up a big percentage of the population that makes use of the Internet, crossing them out can be very damaging to profitmaking. Instead of disregarding them or assuming they can borrow their parent’s credit cards, why not make a payment option convenient for them to use?

Another advantage to making use of C.O.D. is privacy. When you buy online, submitting personal information to accomplish a certain transaction is mandatory. This makes us vulnerable to important details about us being exposed. C.O.D. however requires a lot less information. If you make use of your credit card, you would be forced to give account details that may greatly put your account in jeopardy unlike with C.O.D. Although there are numerous security companies that assess the safety of the credit details customers submit like how Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is to Lazada Philippines, C.O.D. is very advisable to those customers who are just too paranoid.

Overall, Cash on Delivery can be very reliable for instances where you have very limited time to fill out an order form that require personal credit details. It’s safer because less vital information are given away. And buyers even below the age legal to own a credit card can enjoy the perks and benefits of shopping online.


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